Improving the quality of town life for present and future generations

Chippenham Town Council forms the second tier of local government, after Wiltshire Council, who are the Unitary Council. One of the country’s largest and most active Town Councils in the UK, working within a considered, democratic framework that is prudent, transparent, and respectful of each other and the local community.

The overarching aspiration of the Council is ‘improving the quality of town life for present and future generations’, whilst putting the priorities of our residents and climate considerations at the heart of everything we do. Within the Corporate Strategic Plan, the Council has developed six core priorities and several actions to help focus and achieve our vision for the town.

The role of the Town Council is to ensure Chippenham is a thriving community and a healthy, vibrant, and attractive place in which to work, live and visit. The Town Council does this by working collaboratively, not only as an ambitious and committed team of Councillors and Officers but also with a range of external strategic partners.

The Town Council is committed to providing excellence in the services and facilities which it delivers, aiming to be responsive, innovative, and straightforward in our approach, which is both visible and accessible.