Finance and Policies


Year-end Accounts 2018/2019
The council is required to complete and submit to its External Auditor an Annual Return. At the same time the public have the right to inspect the accounts of the council. Details of the inspection period, and the public’s rights are in the attached documents. The Annual Return for 2018/2019 below includes 2 parts: the Annual Governance Statement and the Accounting Statement. There is also the Declaration that the accounts have not been audited and the notice of the inspection period.

Annual Governance Accountability Return
Statement of Accounts 2018-2019
External Audit Report 2019

CIL income and expenditure 2018-2019

Medium Term Financial Plan

Chippenham Town Council regularly reviews its working practices to ensure it operates within a legal, moral and safe framework.
Its policies are reviewed and published in accordance with current legislation.

Anti Fraud and Corruption Strategy
Complaints Protocol
Code of Conduct
Community Engagement Policy
Data Protection Policy
DPIA & PN Policy 
Data Breach Management Procedure
Disciplinary Policy
Dog Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Freedom of Information Scheme
Financial Regulations
Guidance for the recording of public Council meetings
Grievance Policy
Health and Safety
Insurance summary
Public Question Time Guidance Notes
Principles of Good Practice
Redundancy Policy
Register of assets
Risk Management Policy
Record of training for Councillors and staff
Records management policy
Spending Authority for Officers
Standing Orders
Training, development and Appraisal  Policy
Tree Management Policy

Planning Policies updated September 2018
CTC Planning Guidance
Pre-Application Protocol

Requests for Waiting Restrictions
Wiltshire Council are responsible for dealing with requests for Waiting Restrictions.  However, all requests should be directed to the Town Council in the first instance who will issue the resident a W1 form to complete.  This form and any supporting information should be returned to the Town Council.  Requests received will be considered by the Town Council once a year, in December, prior to being submitted to Wiltshire Council for final consideration.

You can download the W1 form HERE

Please return your completed WR1 form and any supporting information to:

Chippenham Town Council
The Town Hall
High Street
SN15 3ER



In accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2014, this council publishes its expenditure that exceeds £500.

September 2020 Bacs Listing
September 2020 Payment Listing

August 2020 Bacs Listing
August 2020 Payment Listing

July 2020 Bacs Listing
July 2020 payment Listing

June 2020 Bacs Listing
June 2020 Payment Listing

May 2020 Bacs Listing
May 2020 Payment Listing

April 2020 Bacs Listing
April 2020 Payment Listing

March 2020 Bacs Listing
March 2020 Payment Listing


Fees & Charges

Fees and Charges – Room Hire
Fees and Charges – External Services

Councillors at Chippenham Town Council are entitled to receive a Parish Basic Allowance.  Payments made to Councillors are shown in the document below:
Councillor payments 2019-2020