Yelde Hall

Yelde Hall Chippenham. A white building with brown wooden slates on show and a hanging basket in front of it and clear blue skies behind it.

In previous years the Yelde Hall was owned by the former Chippenham Borough Council from 1835 to 1974.

The Yelde Hall has stood in the town since at least the 15th Century, although a building may have been on the site even longer. In its time it has been a guildhall, council chamber, an armoury, a fire station, a jail, a bank, a Tourist Information Centre, as well as a museum, gallery and theatre. The Yelde has seen war, famine, recession and riots, as well as countless joyous occasions.

Chippenham Town Council will be looking at how best to safeguard the iconic timber-framed building’s future by preserving its uniqueness and enabling the most effective use. That could mean upgrading infrastructure like toilets and improving the lighting to show off its magnificent timber roof. As part of the future development we will also be looking at how we can improve the displays and information boards for the many visitors who come to see it.