Support for Westbury Town Council

9th December 2021 / News archive

At the Full Council meeting of Chippenham Town Council on 24th November 2021, Councillors considered a request from Westbury Town Council to offer financial support to a legal fund for action against the proposed waste incinerator – subject to the Secretary of State agreeing to call in the application. Full Council decided to contribute £1000 towards the fund to support Westbury Town Council. In addition, Councillors requested that Westbury Town Council provide:

i) Further supporting information on the current position relating to the proposed legal action.

ii) Appropriate and timely feedback relating to the future progress of any further action.

Westbury Town Council have thanked Full Council for its support in its endeavours to take legal action against the proposed incinerator in Westbury and will confirm if the planning application is called in by the Secretary of State.

Councillor Desna Allen, Leader of Chippenham Town Council, “Full Council were clear in their support of Westbury Town Council in this initiative, we are understanding of the environmental impact this would have for Westbury and its neighbouring communities.”