Stanley Park Sports Ground to have new Borehole!

15th September 2020 / News archive

Stanley Park Sports Ground to have new Borehole!

As Stanley Park Sports Ground continues to maintain and improve the grass football pitches, water costs have increased for irrigation purposes. This is not only for community use but particularly relevant in providing Forest Green Rovers Football Club with high quality football pitches to meet their training needs.

Chippenham Town Council has taken the proactive decision to reduce the water usage by installing a borehole. This innovative project will not only reduce running costs, it will also reduce the impact on the environment as water will come from a sustainable natural source.

A hydrologist was commissioned to provide an independent summary to produce a Borehole Prognosis Report. This report concluded that Stanley Park is an ideal site for a Borehole to be located and a 95 metre water well will be required.

Installation work is due to start in late 2020 at a cost of £23,265.00. This is an invest to save scheme and will have a payback period of approximately two and a half years. After this time Stanley Park Sports Ground will be using a natural water source to irrigate the football pitches at no cost to the Council.

Councillor Desna Allen, Chair of the Amenities, Culture and Leisure Committee said of the project; “This is a very exciting project for Stanley Park as it will facilitate its water usage for the future, decrease the environmental impact and will be saving money in just over two years.”