Rope and post barrier around Norway Maple in John Coles Park

15th April 2021 / News archive

A discreet barrier has been installed around the Norway Maple in John Coles Park following routine inspections on the tree’s condition.

The Norway Maple is an old tree of 100+ years old, and as it matures natural ageing processes such as hollowing of the trunk and dieback of the upper crown have occurred, which mean this tree isn’t quite as stable as it once was.

Nevertheless, the tree is a prominent feature in the park and is still leafing out well, suggesting it has a number of years of life left; as such we will be managing the tree in a way that allows its retention within acceptable safety tolerances for as long as possible, with the additional aim of extending its longevity for decades longer than if no management strategy was undertaken.

The first step in our management strategy is to install a visual deterrent in the form of the rope and post barrier to deter access within the crown, as well as preventing compaction of the soil around the tree which will increase its ability to uptake water and nutrients. Additionally, allowing the grass and flowers to grow out within the barrier will have positive impacts on biodiversity.

Sensitive tree surgery works will follow with the aim of reducing the likelihood of parts of the tree breaking. Along with deterring direct access to the tree, this will increase the tree’s expected lifespan and reduce the risk of harm to park visitors.

Please help us in our aim of balancing the benefits of trees with public safety, and remain outside of the barrier.