Public Consultation: Corporate Strategic Plan 2022-2026

4th February 2022 / News archive

Public Consultation: Corporate Strategic Plan 2022-2026

We are nearing the end of our current Corporate Strategic Plan 2018-2022, which you can read HERE.

In May 2021, the local council elections ushered in a change to the composition of Chippenham Town Council, with fourteen new Councillors joining our Council of twenty-four.

With all Councillors eager to put forward fresh ideas for the future of the town and continue the successes of the last four years, we began developing the next Corporate Strategic Plan.

The overarching aspiration of the Council is ‘improving the quality of town life for present and future generations’, whilst putting the priorities of our residents and climate considerations at the heart of everything we do. Councillors and officers worked together to develop this draft of the Corporate Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026 which we are now seeking your feedback on.

We would like your feedback on the six core priorities which are set out below. You will find a link to a short survey at the bottom of the page where you can submit your feedback to us.

The results of the survey will be collated and presented to Full Council on 23 March 2022.

If you would prefer to read a paper copy of the plan and submit a paper copy of the survey, you can do this at the Town Hall.

Opening times:

Monday – Thursday 9am – 4.30pm
Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday 9.30am – 3pm
01249 446699

The survey will run from Friday 4 February – Sunday 20 February 2022

Draft Corporate Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Core Priorities

Provide and develop facilities and services that are accessible, inclusive and promote health and well-being.

  • – Develop a strategy for Stanley Park Sports Ground, including investigating diversifying the range of sports and activities available.
  • – Continue to deliver the actions set out in our community sports based physical and mental wellbeing activity plan.
  • – Maintain current cycle routes and work with appropriate landowners and responsible authorities to support new or enhanced cycle routes.
  • – Actively encourage cycling and walking within the town.
  • – Ensure that all play areas are safe and of a high standard, with equipment that inspires active play.
  • – Ensure that our parks and open spaces are accessible to all, to connect with nature and encourage physical and mental wellbeing.
  • – Continue working with groups that are representative of the community, to support health and wellbeing across the range of services that we provide.

Play an active role in the future development of the town through collaboration with partners, stakeholders, and our community.

  • – Complete the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Chippenham through to referendum and implementation and monitor the effectiveness of the Plan policies, with a subsequent Plan Review if required.
  • – Continue to build relationships with Wiltshire Council as the local planning, transport, and highways authority and actively ensure that the Town Council is involved in future planning decisions affecting the town.
  • – Play an active part in the development of the town in areas that are within our control, encouraging and influencing sustainable development within the town.
  • – Pursue new partnership opportunities to enhance services and assets, supporting the development of the town and community.
  • – Communicate and engage effectively with the public, including young people through educational programmes and the Chippenham Youth Council.
  • – Engage with residents through Councillor ward work to ensure that ideas presented, and decisions made by the Council represent the needs and desires of the wider community.

Help to create a future that is carbon neutral, environmentally sustainable and resilient to the impact of climate change.

  • – Invest in resources to deliver a programme of climate and biodiversity work.
  • – Continue to facilitate and encourage active participation and action through the Climate and Ecological Emergency Advisory Group.
  • – Ensure that environmental implications are considered when decisions are made by the town council and its committees.
  • – Work collaboratively with external partners and community groups to drive forward climate, environmental and biodiversity projects.
  • – Deliver the Council’s tree planting strategy and work with partners to consider possibilities for additional trees and future woodland areas in the town.
  • – Develop and implement a plan to reduce carbon within the Council’s estate.
  • – Increase the use of renewable energies within the Council’s estate and fleet.
  • – Reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling at all of the Council’s facilities.
  • – Work with schools to promote environmental education and continue other educational programmes.

Maintain and curate opportunities to enhance our green spaces and provide a clean and safe environment.

  • – Protect, develop, and enhance our green spaces for future generations.
  • – Work with partners to manage our green spaces and encourage biodiversity.
  • – Develop interpretation panels for selected public spaces to increase public awareness and interest.
  • – Develop a grass cutting and horticultural strategy that achieves a balance between amenity and biodiversity.
  • – Investigate opportunities to expand the provision of allotments and the development of a community garden.
  • – Work with a range of partners to ensure the town remains a safe place, facilitating community safety partnerships.
  • – Maintain Purple Flag status through collaborative working with partners.
  • – Carry out a strategic review of our CCTV service to establish future service provision.
  • – Ensure the cleanliness of the town centre and surrounding areas remains at a high standard, including initiatives to encourage pride in the town.

Provide and develop facilities and services that promote Chippenham as an attractive, vibrant market town and celebrate its rich history, heritage and culture.

  • – Refresh the culture and tourism strategy to align it with available resources.
  • – Continue to invest in and develop Chippenham Museum to preserve and interpret our heritage for the inspiration, learning and enjoyment of all.
  • – Preserve and repair historic structures owned by the Council and influence the preservation of those belonging to third parties.
  • – Extend outreach and education programmes to continue to support community arts and heritage.
  • – Deliver and promote a range of events for the benefit of the community and that encourage participation.
  • – Continue to invest in and develop the Neeld as an entertainment venue with an attractive offer for the local community.
  • – Replace or refurbish noticeboards and provide appropriate signage around the town where necessary.
  • – Celebrate key events in the Council’s events calendar.
  • – Continue to develop the charter market and a wider markets offer.
  • – Promote the Council’s events, services and facilities using various marketing strategies to reach a wide audience.

Maintain effective and efficient governance and management of resources.

  • – Focus resources on delivering residents priorities and making every penny count, whilst remaining financially sustainable.
  • – Provide strong, clear, and consistent leadership at councillor and officer level.
  • – Ensure that the Council operates within legislation, regulation, ethics, and best practice.
  • – Secure external funding, including sponsorship opportunities where possible to develop our existing offer regarding amenities, leisure, and cultural facilities.
  • – Continue to seek opportunities to increase income streams so that our services operate commercially where appropriate.
  • – Continue to offer a grant-based donation scheme to groups actively supporting the Council’s core priorities.
  • – Develop the use of volunteers across a range of services.
  • – Invest in our staff and Councillors, providing training, development, and opportunities for career advancement where appropriate.
  • – Seek to optimise effective use of technology to enhance our services.
  • – Effectively manage and mitigate risk to the Council.
  • – Achieve local, regional, and national recognition through recognised award schemes.

Please follow the link HERE to complete the short survey to let us know what you think.

Thank you