Donkey Fields

Wooded area with trees and Brook running through the middle

Donkey Fields

‘Donkey Fields’ as it is locally known, is an informal green space owned by Chippenham Town Council. The space enjoys a canopy of native and semi native tree cover, bordering the area and associated with Hardenhuish Brook. Walking along the shaded paths next to the brook you might see the horizontally striped bark of a Wild Cherry, the five pointed leaves of a Horse Chestnut, or the white flowers of Blackthorn in early spring.

Like Monkton Park, Donkey Fields is also an important area for wildlife. Balancing wildlife benefit provided by trees and keeping them in good condition so people can continue to enjoy this area are important factors in the management of this area.

The open space is used by runners, walkers and dog walkers on a regular basis and provides a alternate route for walking to the town centre. Hardenhuish Brook flows within the wooded area of Donkey Field and adjacent to Bristol Road.