Our Work Experience with Chippenham Museum

20th July 2019 / Museum, Museum blog

Arthur and Lawrisa from Hardenhuish School completed their Year 10 Work Experience with the team at Chippenham Museum this week. During their time at the museum the students completed a number of tasks including supporting the development of family activities, learning about customer service whilst welcoming visitors and producing a short film about the museum for an upcoming event which can be viewed below. The team would like to thank Arthur and Lawrisa for their enthusiasm and commendable work ethic during their time at the museum and wish them well with their future studies.


Describe the range of things you’ve been doing during your work experience:

Lawrisa: I have helped with making a video of the museum for Civic Sunday and took some photos of Chippenham to post on social media for the Museum. In the museum we manged the front desk for an afternoon, helped organise children’s activities and wrote up comments onto the computer.

Arthur: I have both worked behind the scenes creating resources, doing social media tasks and have been involved with exhibitions and public relations including front desk work.

What have you learnt during your work experience?

Lawrisa: I have learnt how to greet visitors to the museum and how to use a till.

Arthur: I have learnt how to talk to the public as a member of staff, being supportive, helpful, and above all, kind to the visitors of the museum. I have learnt how the museum runs and how the relations between other parts of the council fold into what happens at the museum

How might this be useful to your future work and studies?

Arthur: I can now tell employers how I have learnt to work with others and to respect visitors. I have done front desk work including learning how to use the till which can help when I begin job hunting.

Was there more to do behind the scenes at the museum than you imagined?

Arthur: I expected there would be some work behind the scenes but I didn’t expect the magnitude of what the museum staff do and what the museum is used for.

How did you find working alongside a variety of staff, volunteers and welcoming visitors?

Lawrisa: It was very different to what I’m used to but it was interesting and a nice environment.

Arthur: I really enjoyed working with the other staff here as I felt very welcomed. The staff and the volunteers care about their work more than any visitor could imagine. I enjoyed talking to visitors as they were always open to having a chat and to discussing things in the museum.

What have you enjoyed most about your work experience?

Lawrisa: Learning new things.

Arthur: I’ve enjoyed working alongside the wonderful people around the museum. I will miss the relaxing environment, it is so easy to work in.

What would you say to someone thinking of doing their work experience with Chippenham Museum?

Lawrisa: It is a very good experience and has a wide range of tasks and lots of learning opportunities.

Arthur: Chippenham Museum is a great place to get any experience needed for any job as there are so many different aspects for you to work on including reading and writing, calculating, working with the public and computing.