Organisations in Chippenham Awarded Community Donations

5th August 2021 / News archive

Organisations in Chippenham Awarded Community Donations

The Community Donations sub-committee meet three times a year to hear from applicants who are applying for a community donation. Applications must have objectives that support a vibrant Town Centre, a sustainable environment or neighbourhood and community benefits. They can also be in support of the voluntary and community sector working on improving the quality of life for residents of Chippenham.

Councillor Nick Murry, Chair of the Community Donations Sub-Committee said, “We are delighted to be supporting our local community groups with the community donation scheme and look forward to seeing the projects develop as they continue to support our Town Centre.”

Chippenham Hospital radio

Chippenham Hospital Radio aims to provide a high-quality radio service that entertains and informs patients during their stay at the hospital. With the awarded £1,937.49 Chippenham Hospital Radio are now enabled to purchase equipment to conduct outside broadcasts. This will allow the radio to attend events in the town and adds another level of service they provide to hospital patients and the wider community.

Representative from Chippenham Hospital Radio olleting their community donation cheque with Councillor Nick Murry and Mayor of Chippenham COuncillor John Scragg. The image is taken outside the front of the Town Hall.

Wiltshire and Bath Independent Living Trust

Wiltshire and Bath Independent Living trust offers impartial advice to older people and people of all ages with disabilities. The awarded £1,200 will go towards their re-opening project which requires an increase in the frequency and depth of cleaning. This will allow the organisation to safely open to the public as soon as possible.

Wiltshire and Bath Living Trust representative collecting their community donation cheque outside the font of the Town Hall. Councillor Nick Murry and Mayor of Chippenham John Scragg are also present

Sheldon Road Methodist Church

Sheldon Road Methodist Church usually runs a residential holiday for behaviorally challenged and disadvantaged young people, but due to the ongoing pandemic will be running a summer programme of youth activities. The £200 award will allow 12 young people from four families to benefit from the programme offered three days a week throughout the school break, providing creative and sporting activities.

The total amount of donations awarded was £3,337.49 with the remaining annual budget for 2021/2022 £19,863.00. The next Community Donation meeting will take place on 14 October 2021 and the deadline for applications is 23 September 2021.