New CCTV Cameras fitted at Bath Road Car Park as part of recent upgrade to Chippenham

17th December 2020 / News archive

New CCTV Cameras fitted at Bath Road Car Park as part of recent upgrade to Chippenham

Chippenham Town Council are delighted to announce the latest upgrade to the CCTV system in the town. Two new static cameras and one dome camera have been successfully fitted at Bath Road Car Park which is a known area for anti-social behaviour to take place.

Chippenham Town Council has worked in partnership with Wiltshire Council Area Board and Wiltshire Police to ensure this area of the town is included and monitored on the updated system.

The cameras act as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour, which is often reported in the car park and support the Police in providing clear and effective CCTV images, which can used for evidential purposes. In the New Year, Wiltshire Police based in Chippenham will have remote access to the CCTV coverage retrieved around the town.

Inspector James Brain, Wiltshire Police said, “The new CCTV cameras will provide a great benefit to the users of Bath Road Car Park helping them to feel safer and assist the Police in the prevention and detection of crime”.

Ollie Phipps, Community Engagement Officer from Wiltshire Council said, “The latest new cameras will most certainly help the local community and residents who live near Bath Road Car Park feel encouraged that criminal and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in our town and we are working hard to put measures in place to make Chippenham an even safer place.”

Matthew Kirby, Director of Community Services at Chippenham Town Council said, “We are delighted to be working with Wiltshire Police and Wiltshire Council on this project as we all value the importance of effective CCTV. We are a Purple Flag town, and we take pride in Chippenham being a safe place to live, work and visit.”

Councillor Teresa Hutton, Mayor of Chippenham said, “Working with Wiltshire Police and Wilshire Council collaboratively has been a delight and seeing the positive effect the cameras are having within our community is wonderful to see, as no one should have to experience anti-social behaviour in Chippenham.”

A map has been produced showing the locations of the CCTV cameras, including the new solution at Bath Road Car Park.

Chippenham Town Council are also recruiting for a new team of volunteers to support the regular monitoring of the CCTV system and make a valuable contribution to the safety of our town.
The role will include the following responsibilities:
• Monitoring the town’s CCTV cameras from an office based in Chippenham Town Centre
• Providing real time information by radio to security partners
• Liaising with the local police to capture evidential imagery
• Adhering to data protection legislation

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