Neighbourhood Plan Community Survey

26th March 2020 / News archive

Are you currently stuck at home twiddling your thumbs? Do you want to do something useful for your local community from your living room? Then please spare us 20 minutes of your time to complete our Community Survey.

Our survey questions have been created by members of the local community currently engaged in one of our 7 Topic Groups. The questions are based around the topics of: Housing, Community Infrastructure, Green Infrastructure, Transport, Economy, and Sustainability & Climate Change. It is part of an evidence gathering exercise will which enable Topic Group Members to start formulating some draft planning policies for the Town.

Please click HERE to complete the survey


We also have another survey on Climate Change & Sustainability. So for those of you who have additional time, or have an interest in this particular issue, please click HERE


The surveys will be live until 23rd April 2020.