My Work Experience with Chippenham Town Council

14th June 2019 / Museum, Museum blog

Harry from Sheldon School has joined Chippenham Town Council this week to complete his Year 10 Work Experience, working with the teams at both Chippenham Museum and The Neeld Community & Arts Centre.

Describe the range of things you’ve been doing during your work experience:

I’ve met a lot of new people, welcomed visitors and have been to places in the museum were you don’t get go normally behind the scenes. I’ve also helped to set up events at The Neeld, learnt about the lighting and given a tour underneath the stage and behind the curtains.

What have you learnt during your work experience?

That it’s a lot different from school and that it’s really important to do well to help you in the future.

How might this be useful to your future work and studies?

Talking to customers and people I haven’t spoken to before has helped build my confidence.

Was there more to do behind the scenes at the Museum and The Neeld than you imagined?

Yes a lot more, the museum was awesome I enjoyed seeing all of the old objects that haven’t yet been put out on display.

How did you find working alongside a variety of staff, volunteers and welcoming visitors?

Really good, I enjoyed working with everyone and everyone was extremely nice.

What have you enjoyed most about your work experience?

I enjoyed working across both places and that I wasn’t just doing one thing. It was good to move around and get to know everyone.

What would you say to someone thinking of doing their work experience with Chippenham Town Council?

That they should definitely do it because its great fun and everyone is really nice. It’s good for showing what other jobs are like eg working at the till, showing people around and meeting new people. It helps to raise your confidence and also Claire makes the best cups of tea!