Landscaping around Copper Beech Tree in John Coles Park

14th January 2022 / News archive

Landscaping around Copper Beech Tree in John Coles Park

This past week saw a project completed in John Coles Park to bolster the natural defences of one of the most prominent trees in the park, a large Copper Beech estimated to be around 200 years old.

The work involved laying down a weed suppression fabric over the grass, to kill off the grass which could potentially compete with the tree roots for nutrients. Next, an aluminium edging was installed to encircle the tree, to contain a layer of organic mulch. This type of edging was chosen because it does not require any digging, which might damage the tree roots. Finally, the organic mulch was carefully spread out with spades and wheelbarrows.

The benefits of mulches are well documented. They include minimising the fluctuations in soil temperature and soil moisture, weed suppression, enriching the nutrients in the soil and the prevention of soil erosion from heavy rains. The area will also no longer need to be mowed, so this eliminates any soil compaction that might occur through the movements of ride-on mowers.

This tree is one of the most valuable trees in the park, and although it is showing great vitality, as trees age they become more vulnerable to fluctuating environmental conditions. It is therefore vitally important that we give them the best conditions we can in order to preserve them for as long as possible.