Increase in precept just 70p per month for an average Band D household

14th January 2021 / News archive

Chippenham Town Council increases precept by just 70p per month for an average Band D household

At the Full Council meeting on Wednesday 13 January 2021, Councillors voted in favour of a minimal increase to the precept. This was previously unanimously approved by the Council’s Strategy and Resources Committee on the 9 December 2020, with the Councils Finance Working Party comprising of Councillors from all political groups meeting on several occasions between September and December 2020.

The increase equates to £0.70p per month for an average Band D Household.

Chippenham Town Council has made every effort to contain its costs and therefore the burden on the residents in light of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had and continues to have on its residents and wider community.

Councillors acknowledged the current financial struggles the community is facing and will take every opportunity to seek grant funding where possible from central Government and Wiltshire Council. However, Chippenham Town Council does not receive any funding from Wiltshire Council or central Government, neither has it received any funding to assist in offsetting a significant loss of income due to COVID 19. Therefore it relies upon the precept to continue delivering services to the community.

Throughout the pandemic Chippenham Town Council has continued to ensure the town is clean and safe for its residents which has incurred additional costs. The Council has kept public toilets open and maintained our parks, open spaces and play areas which are now being used more than ever.

Councillor Jenny Budgell, Chairman of the Finance Working Party said; “It has been an extremely complex process to set the budget in these challenging times. We have considered all facets of what might happen in the next year and ensured the impact on our residents is as minimal as it can be.”

Councillor Sandie Webb, Leader of Chippenham Town Council said; “It is vital we make long term plans for the future sustainability of Chippenham Town Council. This is a fair budget which ensures we can continue to support our community and Town Centre well into the future so it can thrive.”