Full Council resolution with regard to Housing Infrastructure Funding and the Local Plan Review

21st June 2021 / News archive


Full Council resolution with regard to Housing Infrastructure Funding and the Local Plan Review


At Full Council on 16 June 2021, Councillors voted in favour of a Motion raised by Councillors Gemma Grimes, Nick Murry and Angie Litvak-Watson. The Motion asked that the Chief Executive submit a letter to Wiltshire Council’s Chief Executive, copied to Homes England, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and the MP for the Chippenham constituency, communicating the Town Council’s position and responses to the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) Future Chippenham and Local Plan Review consultations, stating that:

With regards to the application to MHCLG for a grant from its HIF for monies to enable part funding of a new road to the eastern and southern boundaries of Chippenham:

  • Chippenham Town Council wholly opposes the construction of such a road and the use of HIF funding for highway infrastructure, to the east and south of Chippenham.
  • Chippenham Town Council disagrees with the proposals for 7,500 houses in the Avon and Marden Valley area defined by the proposed road routes that would be part funded by the HIF.
  • Chippenham Town Council requests that the £75m funding for this road is withdrawn on the basis that there is overwhelming opposition from residents and local town/ parish councils, including Chippenham and Calne, for this carbon intensive and environmentally damaging scheme.

Download the letter HERE

At an Extraordinary Council meeting on 4 March 2021, Chippenham Town Councillors rejected all the road route options presented in Wiltshire Council’s Future Chippenham consultation. This followed a unanimous rejection of the Local Plan Review proposals at the Planning, Environment and Transport Committee of 18 February 2021 and again at an Extraordinary Council meeting on 25 February 2021.

Following Local elections on 6 May 2021, the newly constituted Town Council was also unanimous in reaffirming opposition to the distributor road and associated 7,500 houses at its first meeting, the Annual Council meeting, on 19 May 2021.