Fantastic Feedback on Wild Flower Area in Chippenham

16th June 2021 / News archive

Fantastic Feedback on Wild Flower Area in Chippenham

We are delighted with a recent email from a Chippenham resident who took the time to offer some fantastic feedback on the work we do on the piece of land on the roundabout at Avenue La Fleche in partnership with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

“This is a message of congratulations to all at Chippenham Town Council who have been involved in the creation of the beautiful wildflower area in the centre of the town where the Bridge Centre used to be.
I have watched the greening of this space with great interest and today I stood and gazed at the wonderful sight of the ox-eye daisies and so many other flowers and grasses shining in the bright sun. Bees and other insects were making the most of the feast. The meadow really was a joy to behold.
So, a huge thank you to all of you who had the vision and will to create this space for nature. I hope that this success will keep you inspired to continue your efforts wherever you can.”

This area was particularly challenging to cultivate into a wild flower area as the soil had been neglected and needed enrichment to enable the flowers to grow.
We are very pleased with the outcome and this area will only improve with time.

Wildflower area in Chippenham Wildflower area in Chippenham