Dog Policy Update

20th January 2020 / News archive

We have recently reviewed our Dog Policy. To ensure that we are committed to providing an environment which is welcoming for all, at all of our venues.

We urge you to help us ensure our shared spaces are respected and safe for all by following and complying with some simple rules.

Our venues will now only allow assistance dogs in our buildings. We do have some exceptions; Chippenham Museum will allow well behaved dogs on-lead in their shop area only, Stanley Park Sports Ground will only allow well behaved dogs on-lead pitchside only at all times and John Coles Park has a dog off-lead and a dog on-lead area in the park. Please observe the signs and ensure your dog is managed responsibly, including picking up after your dog. We will be providing where possible, bio-degradable bags for you to use. Please collect at our reception desks or feel free to ask a Park Warden.

Please take some time to read our whole policy, linked HERE.