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Chippenham Community Donations 

Community Donations sub-committee

The Community Donations sub-committee meet three times a year to hear from applicants who are applying for a community donation. Applications must have objectives which support a vibrant Town Centre, a sustainable environment or neighbourhood and community benefits. They can also be in support of the voluntary and community sector working on improving the quality of life for residents of Chippenham.

Chairman: Councillor Richard Bambury
Members of the committee:
Councillor Desna Allen, Councillor Pete Bishop, Councillor Raj Gill, Councillor Teresa Hutton, Councillor Mary Norton and Councillor David Powell

This committee meets three times a year and awards donations to community groups and non-profit making organisations for work contributing to the well being of the community.

The dates for 2020/21 are:

Thursday 25 June 2020
Thursday 15 October 2020
Thursday 11 Feb 2021

You application must be submitted 3 weeks before the meeting dates above.

A copy of the criteria and application form can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Application form

Community Donations Policy and Criteria


August 2020
These have been particularly challenging times for us all over the last 6 months, but local community groups and charities have struggled immensely to be able to offer much needed and vital support.

In the latest meeting of the Community Donations Sub Committee, 5 grants were awarded in full to local charities and organisations to help support our community.

Councillor Richard Bambury, Chair of the Community Donations Sub Committee said “It gives us tremendous pleasure to offer these donations to all of these groups so they can continue their essential work.”


Chippenham Foodbank is coordinated and managed by The Salvation Army, who work with local agencies and churches to help people who find themselves unable to buy food. During the COVID-19 pandemic this service has seen unprecedented demand. Since March 2020 the foodbank has provided parcels containing a weeks supply of fresh food (fruit, veg, meat, cheese, eggs, bacon, milk and bread) and a large variety of tinned/packet/dried and jar food. It also supplied household cleaning essentials, toiletries, utility top-ups, and where necessary baby milk, nappies and pet food.

Prior to COVID-19, 5-6 parcels (3 day supply of tinned/packet/ jar/dried food) were provided each week.

From March – June they have provided parcels to help 2207 adults and 811 children. During that time they have also been providing on average, 85 hot cooked meals a week for residents of Unity House and for 14 weeks, other rough sleepers re-housed by the police in temporary accommodation.

The full amount of £5,000 was given to continue delivering parcels of food and essentials to those in need.



Helping Victims of Domestic Violence is a charity that provides support to anyone facing difficulty relating to domestic violence. They aim to reduce suffering and promote and preserve health and wellbeing by helping individuals to sustain independence.

The full amount of £2,467.13 was given to purchase a van for collecting and delivering items to individuals and families fleeing domestic violence, and for volunteer training.


Kandu Arts are a voluntary organisation who support children and young people in vulnerable life situations, using creative engagement to allow users to express and explore their issues in a safe and nurturing environment.

The full amount of £2,000 was given to deliver an after school drop in session targeted at young people aged 12-18, where they will be able to work on film and music projects, learn life skills and receive mentoring.


Springboard Chippenham are a specialist centre that support pre-school children with special needs, and their families.

The full amount of £1,960 was given to continue a programme of community work experience placements for students and volunteers.


The Rise Trust manage various services for children across Wiltshire including two children’s centres, a contact centre and a mentoring service based in Chippenham.

The full amount of £1,500 was given to provide an after school and holiday club for vulnerable primary school age children.



The total amount of donations given was £12,927.13 and the remaining annual budget is £11,072.87.


The next meeting is on 15 October and the application deadline is 24 September.