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Chippenham Community Donations 

The Community Donations sub-committee meet three times a year to hear from applicants who are applying for a community donation. Applications must have objectives which support a vibrant Town Centre, a sustainable environment or neighbourhood and community benefits. They can also be in support of the voluntary and community sector working on improving the quality of life for residents of Chippenham.

Chairman: Councillor David Powell
Members of the committee:
Councillor Desna Allen, Councillor Pete Bishop, Councillor Raj Gill, Councillor Teresa Hutton, and Councillor Mary Norton 

This committee meets three times a year and awards donations to community groups and non-profit making organisations for work contributing to the well being of the community.

The dates for 2021/22 are:

Thursday 22 April 2021
Thursday 22 July 2021
Thursday 14 October 2021
Thursday 10 Feb 2022
Thursday 28 April 2022

You application must be submitted 3 weeks before the meeting dates above.

A copy of the criteria and application form can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Application form

Community Donations Policy and Criteria

February 2021

In the latest meeting of the Community Donations Sub Committee, 2 grants were awarded:

Youth Adventure Trust

Councillors heard from a representative of Youth Adventure Trust, who work with young people from vulnerable and disadvantaged families, delivering a three-year programme of adventures and mentoring to build their confidence and provide a positive influence. They requested funding to support their next Pathway Day in October 2021.

Youth Adventure Trust have been awarded £471.68.

Chippenham Community Eco Hub

Councillors heard from a representative of Chippenham Community Eco Hub. They hope to be able to provide a place in the centre of town where various charities and non-profits can meet those in need and signpost to their services. This is a new project, but they have already received funding for the venue and support from many local organisations. They requested funding for IT and consumables including laptops, telephones, a printer and a digital display.

Chippenham Community Eco Hub have been awarded £5241.