Colin the Covid Caterpillar Returns to Pewsham Park

8th March 2022 / News archive

Chippenham Town Council has made a community artwork created in Pewsham Park during the pandemic into a permanent memorial to the NHS and the people of Pewsham.

Colin the Caterpillar began when, during the first Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, the children of Pewsham painted colourful stones and placed them by the path in Pewsham Park so that others could enjoy them on their daily walks. The long length of stones gradually grew in size and soon there were hundreds of small works of art.

a group of adults and children l stood behind a community artwork featuring hand painted pebbles and a NHS heart

Left to right, Mayor of Chippenham Councillor John Scragg with young artists Lola Jones-Hackett and Indi Hammond, and Chelsie O-Driscoll who created the Rocks of Pewsham Facebook page

The Mayor of Chippenham, Councillor John Scragg, said “Pewsham should be proud of this fantastic community achievement, created as a source of hope at a time of uncertainty and now here for all to enjoy, now and in the future.”

On Tuesday 8 March the Mayor officially welcomed Colin to his new home. He was joined by local children whose artwork is featured, plus Chelsie O’Driscoll who has campaigned for such a memorial through the Rocks of Pewsham Facebook page which she created with fellow Pewsham residents.

Chelsie O’Driscoll said “We’re so pleased that Colin has returned home. As well as a thank you to the NHS, this is a reminder that we came together to support each other’s families in lockdown. I want to thank everyone for taking part and bringing us all together.”

a man, mayor and school pupil stood behind a community artwork featuring hand painted pebbles and a NHS heart

Left to right, Head Teacher of Abbeyfield School Mr Norgrove, Mayor of Chippenham Councillor John Scragg and Year 7 Abbeyfield School student  Lola Jones-Hackett who painted the head of Colin the Caterpillar 

Before becoming a permanent feature in the park, the community artwork was safely stored at Chippenham Museum. Colin then featured in a special exhibition about the Pandemic when the Chippenham Town Council facility re-opened its doors to museum visitors after lockdown in August 2020.

Pewsham Park is one of a broad range of parks and outdoor spaces managed by Chippenham Town Council. For more information about the services and facilities provided by Chippenham Town Council visit www.chippenham.gov.uk

painted stones in a park with colin and caterpillar head on one of the stones