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Climate Emergency Advisory Group

In 2019 Chippenham Town Council declared a “Climate Change Emergency” and set up a Climate Emergency Advisory Group. Membership of the advisory group consists of six Chippenham Town Council councillors and six members of the local community who have relevant skills and experience in the subject.

Chairman: Councillor Teresa Hutton, Mayor of Chippenham
Vice Chairman: Alex Lockton
Members: Cllr Ruth Lloyd, Cllr Nick Murry, Cllr Chris Ruck, Cllr Sandie Webb, Anne Berrett, Glynis Cosgrove, Nick Hodges, Gillian Johnson, Kerry Linde, Kiran Sakhyani, Karen Simpson

The advisory group meets monthly in the Town Hall to discuss, research and make recommendations to the Strategy & Resources Committee on matters where Chippenham can contribute towards tackling the climate emergency.