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Climate Emergency Advisory Group

In 2019 Chippenham Town Council declared a “Climate Change Emergency” and set up a Climate Emergency Advisory Group. Membership of the advisory group consists of six Chippenham Town Council councillors and six members of the local community who have relevant skills and experience in the subject.

Chairman: Councillor John Scragg, Mayor of Chippenham
Vice Chairman: Councillor James Bradbury
Members: Councillor Liz Alstrom, Councillor Declan Baseley, Councillor James Bradbury, Councillor Clare Cape, Councillor Nick Murry, Councillor John Scragg, Nick Hodges, Gill Johnson, Kerry Linde, Alex Lockton, Kiran Sakhyani, Karen Simpson

The advisory group meets monthly in the Town Hall to discuss, research and make recommendations to the Strategy & Resources Committee on matters where Chippenham can contribute towards tackling the climate emergency.

Climate Conversations

Chippenham Town Council’s Climate Emergency Advisory Group (CEAG) have developed a programme of online events: Climate Conversations which are a series of free online information and conversation events.

Working in partnership with the Council’s Climate Emergency Advisory Group (CEAG), volunteers from the local community have developed a programme of online events. They aim to address some of the day to day choices we all face, and the questions many of us have about what options are available to us to help address climate change.

The purpose of Climate Conversations series is to:
• Share easy to understand information on some common topics of interest including how we can address climate change in our homes and daily lives by drawing on the knowledge, skills and experiences that exist within our community.
• Provide a space for people to ask questions to the experts that most of us usually don’t have access to, and have their questions answered in a non-technical way that everyone can understand.
• Encourage conversation and sharing of experiences between people who have already made some changes in relation to heating their homes, or transport. In addition, showing people about changes they could make, so they feel more informed and enthusiastic to move forward.
• Signpost people to useful additional resources on the topics discussed.
• Make people aware of the wide range of activities taking place in Chippenham and surrounding areas surrounding ways to combat climate change, and how they can get involved.

The series will include three events, starting on Wednesday 15 September 2021:

Solar PV , Wednesday 15 September 2021 7pm-8pm
Water conservation in the home, Wednesday 29 September 2021 7pm-8pm
Transport for homeowners and getting to work, Wednesday 13 October 2021 7pm-8pm

Each session format will begin at 7pm, but please log on at 6:50pm to ensure plenty of time for a 7pm start. The sessions will be a combination of information provided through a presentation format with plenty of opportunity for Q&A and conversation, particularly between people who have already had practical experience of the topic, and those that are interested but have yet to have a go.

The sessions will be delivered via Zoom (must book on Eventbrite) and will be no longer than an hour long.
If you are interested in signing up for this free series and sharing information about it with your networks, please contact enquiries@chippenham.gov.uk

In June 2021 the first series of Climate Conversation looked at:
• Home Energy Efficiency: How to save money and the planet
• Which renewables would suit my home?
• Heat pumps and how they work

These sessions are available on YouTube below to watch if you weren’t able to attend the previous conversations