Chippenham Town Council is an ambitious and progressive council.

28th October 2019 / News archive

Chippenham Town Council is an ambitious and progressive council

Chippenham Town Council is delighted to be able to share the Summary Feedback Report with regard to the recent Local Government Association (LGA) Pilot Peer Review with the National Association of Local Councils (NALC).
As the first Town Council to take part in this pilot, Chippenham Town Council recognises the value and effectiveness of a sector led improvement process.

Mark Smith, Chief Executive of Chippenham Town Council said; “It was a privilege to break new ground for the sector, we were delighted to take part in this pilot Peer Review as we recognise the value in sector led improvement. The learning gained from the process is two-way with the review team so it has beneficial for all. The feedback will be invaluable in contributing to our future ambitions and also helping to shape the process for other town councils who choose to participate”.

Over the 2 day process in September 2019 the Peer Review team met with a selection of councillors, staff and external strategic partners to examine the manner in which the council works by looking at processes, infrastructure and relationships.

Cllr. Sandie Webb, Leader of Chippenham Town Council said of the process; “Participation in the pilot Peer Review demanded a considerable amount of dedication by officers, staff and councillors alongside their busy day to day activities. The two-day review demonstrated that throughout the council there is a pride in the work delivered to ensure quality within our community.
The review team said Chippenham Town Council are in the ‘Premier League’ of Town Councils with a superb team of staff, councillors and strategic partners and while their feedback was also challenging in parts, it was invaluable in contributing to our future ambitions.”

The report set out some important key messages:
– Reflect and celebrate the significant improvements you have made in the last 2 years.
– Utilise the strategic financial capacity you have created to establish a strong financial planning framework, instilling sufficient rigour and accountability within your arrangements.
– Ground your future ambitions by creating an effective workforce and align this with your change programme to ensure it is sufficiently well designed, led, supported and resourced, so your goals in terms of training, development, accommodation and IT arrangements are realised.
– Ensure there is effective, timely and inclusive engagement with your key stakeholders including partners, staff, councillors and residents, and that effective two way communication lies at the heart of everything you do.

The report concludes by saying:
“The Corporate Peer Challenge at Chippenham Town Council has been an important milestone. The council should use it to both celebrate its many successes, but also consolidate the real progress that has been achieved. This does not mean it stops improving, since improvement is within its ‘DNA’ Rather it should focus on the many things it does well, which are documented in this report, but equally attend to the recommendations we have laid out below. Importantly and typically Chippenham Town Council is already addressing these recommendations as it is intent on delivering its exciting ambitions for Chippenham and its residents”.

We would like to thank the LGA and NALC for having confidence in Chippenham Town Council to be the first to take part in this pilot review process.

You can download the report in full HERE