Chippenham Town Council agree a new 5-year Management Plan for Monkton Park

6th March 2021 / News archive

Chippenham Town Council agree a new 5-year Management Plan for Monkton Park

 Councillors on the Amenities, Culture and Leisure Committee have agreed to adopt a 5-year management plan for Monkton Park.

Monkton Park is one of the devolved assets transferred to Chippenham Town Council from Wiltshire Council. With the River Avon sweeping along its southern flank, Monkton Park is not only a great respite from the bustling town centre, but also an important corridor for wildlife through Chippenham.

As a new addition to its portfolio, Chippenham Town Council has already achieved a particularly high standard of grounds maintenance and improvements to the landscape. The Council also recognised the potential Monkton Park has to provide a haven for its local community and to support biodiversity enabling opportunities for the environment to thrive. This led to the decision to create a co-ordinated and coherent approach to an inclusive decision-making process.

The Management Plan was developed in partnership with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust with an extensive consultation process with residents, Councillors, partner organisations and stakeholders. There were 5 public events held online offering opportunities for questions and ideas which helped towards shaping the plan.

The plan considers:

  • The River Avon corridor: The importance to wildlife and improving bankside habitat
  • Formal Parkland: Mature tree management, regenerative planting and understorey creation
  • Informal Parkland: Grassland, scrub, woodland habitat matrix, with an improved scrub and grassland management
  • Baydons Wood: Change of management routine to increase biodiversity of both flora and fauna
  • Orchard: Engage the local community to establish an orchard group who will plant an orchard
  • Wildflower areas with pollinators

Read the plan in full HERE

Councillor Desna Allen, Chair of Amenities, Culture and Leisure Committee;
“This Management Plan will revitalise Monkton Park into a beautiful open space for our residents, provide a visitor attraction, and educational site but also supporting the Council’s work in declaring a climate emergency and setting up a Climate Emergency Advisory Group which identifies areas on which the Council can improve.”

Nick Self of Wild Landscapes, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust;
“We are delighted to be working with Chippenham Town Council and its community to develop this plan which will ensure Monkton Park thrives and supports a varied habitat for many years to come.”