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Goldiggers: Wonder House of Entertainment

“I’ve been to Greece and places like that, and talking where do you come from and I’ll say ‘oh Chippenham’ and they all say ‘oh that’s where Goldiggers is’ so it was known on the map!”
– Tony Dolman, DJ & clubgoer

From its beginnings as a family cinema to its time playing host to the biggest names in 80’s music, this online exhibition celebrates the legacy of Goldiggers, an award-winning nightclub that once stood in Timber Street, Chippenham.

The story of this much-loved venue, is told through the memories of local people.

We would like to thank all those who shared their memories of Goldiggers and the staff and students of Wiltshire College and University Centre for recording them.

We would also like to thank all those who generously gifted or loaned items for display to the original exhibition, held at Chippenham Museum from February to March 2020.

Click on an image below, to explore objects from the exhibition

Want even more Goldiggers memories?

Why not visit the dedicated website made by students at Wiltshire College and University Centre to view videos and find out more about the project.

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