abstract printed artwork with black, blue and lilac

Wiltshire on Paper: Post-War Prints from the Bath Academy of Art

8 January – 2 April

Centred on the Bath Academy of Art in Corsham, the decades following the Second World War, saw an explosion of creative printmaking in this corner of Wiltshire. The first in a series of displays celebrating the Golder-Thompson Gift to Chippenham Museum, the exhibition will include works by Clifford & Rosemary Ellis, Gillian Ayres, Howard Hodgkin and many more.

Future Exhibitions

Covid Chronicle

9 April – 7 May

A patchwork in textiles and stitch, to commemorate our individual and collective experience of living with Covid. One big artwork – a kind of Bayeux Tapestry – capturing this special moment in our history. A touring exhibition with contributions from local textile artists.

Queen & Country

14 May – 23 July

Twin exhibitions with two differing responses to the English Monarchy, marking both Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th anniversary as monarch and the 380th anniversary of the start of the English Civil War.

Robin Tanner: From Goldsmiths to the Great Depression

30 July – 8 October

This exhibition will explore the life and work of Robin Tanner during the formative years of the 1920s and 30s. At the heart of the exhibition will be works from the Golder-Thompson Gift, which includes several etchings from the 1920s and 1930s that help us understand Tanner’s blossoming interest in etching, wedded to his love of the English countryside.

As well as his career as an etcher, the exhibition will explore other key events in his life during this period, including his marriage to Heather Spackman, their new home Old Chapel Field, and the role Tanner played in transforming art education.

Online Exhibitions

Chippenham Station 180

An exhibition celebrating the heritage of Chippenham Station, 180 years after the station opened on 31 May 1841. Enjoy a journey through the station’s history from Victorian times to the present day.

Loose Threads: The Don Little Collection X Bath Textile Artists

A celebration of the heritage of Chippenham and the surrounding area, Loose Threads is a collaborative exhibition between Chippenham Museum and Bath Textile Artists.


Following a two year project in collaboration with Wiltshire College & University Centre, this exhibition opened at the museum on 1 February until the March 2020 lockdown and brings together memories and memorabilia to tell the story of this iconic Chippenham venue.