Changes to our services and facilities

3rd November 2020 / News, News-HP

06 April 2021

Following the most recent announcement made by the government on 05 April 2021, we are able to move forward with Step 2 of the roadmap and ease some of the current restrictions. Our services and facilities will respond to the changes by:

12th April
• Our Charter Market can operate with all traders
• Customer Services at the Town Hall will open to the public
• Sunday afternoon concerts in the bandstand will be able to take place from May – September
• The Splashpad will open May – September
• The refreshment kiosk in John Coles Park will have full outside seating returned

Although subject to change, in line with the roadmap out of lockdown here is how our services and facilities will respond to future easing of restrictive measures.

17th May
• Chippenham Museum will open
• Stanley Park Sports Ground will be open for indoor bookings
• Neeld Community & Arts Centre and Town Hall can re-open for bookings under capacity guidelines
• Council meetings could happen however social distancing, technology and operational requirements still need to be considered

21st June
• Due to the lifting of all social distancing restrictions Council meetings can take place again in the Town Hall, however legislation, technology, and operational requirements will be considered
• Shows and larger bookings can restart at full capacity