CCTV to be upgraded in Chippenham

11th March 2020 / News archive

Chippenham Town Council to upgrade CCTV in Chippenham

Chippenham Town Council is in the process of upgrading the 8 CCTV cameras in the town centre. The original scheme was installed in the late 1990s and the picture quality, albeit state of the art at the time, is now deemed poor and not suitable for detailed evidential purposes.

In support to the local businesses, Chippenham BID have contributed £4000 funding towards the total capital costs of the upgrade being around £21000.

Kathryn Crosweller, Manager of Chippenham BID said, “Part of Chippenham BID’s remit is to work on making the town welcoming, safe and clean. During our tenure we have been involved with a range of partnership schemes to share information and help keep the town safe, and we are delighted to continue this right up to the end of the BID term with a contribution towards this important project.”

CCTV is widely used in town centres as a deterrent for criminal and anti-social behaviour, and it is also a valuable resource for the police to tap into if they need evidence of criminal activity. Chippenham Town Council manages the CCTV system in accordance with the existing Code of Practice and the relative legislation; the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018. Technology has now become more sophisticated and imagery can now be transmitted wirelessly with relatively economical capital costs thus removing the need for ongoing revenue costs.

Councillor Teresa Hutton, Chair of Amenities, Culture and Leisure Committee said of the contribution;
“We are very grateful to Chippenham BID for their support in this initiative. It is crucial that the CCTV in our town is fit for purpose, future ready and supports the great work the police do.”

Chippenham Town Council will be considering further phased upgrades to the system, possibly linking in with other public areas in the foreseeable future.