Want to give blood?

15th April 2020 / News, News-HP

Blood donations continue in Chippenham

We regularly welcome the NHS blood donation service at the Neeld Community & Arts Centre. This service is still continuing throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, with extra measures in place to help protect NHS staff and donors.



Chippenham has always responded well to blood donation and continues to do so. If you are interested in giving blood, all donation sessions across the country are by appointment only either through the WEBSITE or their helpline 0300 123 2323.

They will be at the Neeld Community & Arts Centre in Chippenham on:

Monday 22 November

Thursday 2 December
Thursday 9 December
Monday 20 December
Thursday 30 December

Thursday 6 January
Thursday 27 January

Thursday 17 February

Thursday 10 March
Monday 28 March

For more information on giving blood during the Coronavirus pandemic, please check the website on blood.co.uk

Further advice:

Please do not donate if you feel unwell.

Am I allowed to come and give blood despite social distancing?
Yes. Travelling to donate is permitted because it helps meet the medical needs of vulnerable people. Hospitals need a blood supply now and in the coming weeks more than ever.

Can I donate if I think I’ve had Coronavirus?
You should confirm your situation before donating.

Is it safe to come and donate?
Yes. Several changes have been introduced to give donors confidence about hygiene and social distancing.

Will my blood be tested for Coronavirus?
No, because there is no evidence it is transmitted through blood donation.

I’m over 70, can I donate?
Sorry – due to government guidelines people aged 70 or over and those in vulnerable health are currently unable to donate.