Decision postponed for all dogs in John Coles Park to be kept on lead from 1 Nov 2020

30th September 2020 / News, News-HP

26 October 2020

Over the past few years the Town Council has received many complaints about dogs that are off lead and out of control. These have included children and adults being knocked over which has resulted in children being frightened of loose dogs and an elderly lady breaking her hip, dogs eating food from picnics and vicious attacks on other dogs. These situations have been managed on an individual basis but continue to happen.

Therefore, the Amenities, Culture and Leisure (ACL) committee on 09 September 2020 considered and debated a report concerning the current rules in John Coles Park for dogs on lead and off lead. The ACL Committee voted in favour of changing the rules to ask all dog owners to keep their dogs on the lead in all areas of John Coles Park.

The proper democratic process was followed by the Town Council. However, given extensive public feedback since the date of the meeting a Special Motion was received by the Chief Executive from four Councillors on 25 October 2020, this will be considered at the next meeting of the Full Council on the 25th November 2020.

The Special Motion will ask Full Council to rescind the previous decision regarding the implementation of the change in rules and to consider a future report being brought back to the Council’s ACL Committee where further options can be presented and discussed. The Town Council will be seeking the views of all interested parties.

Therefore, the implementation date of 1st November 2020 has now been postponed.