A Tiny Forest has been planted!

10th February 2022 / News archive

A Tiny Forest has been planted!


Group shot of stakeholders involved in the Tiny Forest project Distant shot of Tiny Forest site in Monkton Park

Thank you to all those who came along to take part in Planting Day, what a wonderful day it was.

Over 20 native tree species, including oak, wild service, birch, alder, hazel, blackthorn, rowan, and lime have been planted on-site at Monkton Park, Chippenham which will provide an oasis for wildlife and connect people with nature in their local area.

Many people came along to plant a tree which they can watch grow and develop as the years pass by and share stories with future generations.

The planting method used when creating a Tiny Forest encourages accelerated tree development, without the use of chemicals or fertilisers. Although the densely planted trees are packed into a space no bigger than the size of a tennis court, they will help to store carbon, reduce flooding, increase biodiversity, and improve air quality.

Over the coming years, Earthwatch will collect data and assess the benefit of the Chippenham Tiny Forest. Alongside the help of the local community, they will use this site to monitor carbon absorption, flood mitigation, thermal comfort, and biodiversity, as well as measure environmental and social benefits gained.

Chippenham’s Tiny Forest will also be used as an education resource, connecting children and teachers from local schools with their surrounding green spaces. Earthwatch’s education team will deliver immersive workshops that allow children to learn first-hand about nature and the environment and provide training and resources so that teachers can feel confident educating in these inspiring outdoor settings, breaking down the boundaries of typical classroom-based learning.

Become a Tree Keeper

To maximise each Tiny Forest’s chance of success, a group of local volunteers will become Tree Keepers who take some ownership of their Tiny Forest and its development and help to maintain it for the first few growing seasons. The group of Tree Keepers for Monkton Park will include representatives from project stakeholders Siemens Mobility, Chippenham Town Council, Friends of Monkton Park, and Monkton Park Primary School.

Members of the public from the local area are also invited to apply to be a volunteer Tree Keeper. If you would like to know more or to apply for the role, please contact tinyforest@earthwatch.org.uk for more information.

Tree Keeper job description

Volunteering as a Tree Keeper is a great chance to get more involved in your Tiny Forest’s development and track the amazing environmental impact of the site.

Child planting a tree