Hanging baskets

2nd June 2020 / News archive

This is one of our most favourite times of the year as we put out our hanging baskets around the town.

Each year we place 220 hanging baskets around Chippenham with over twenty colourful plants in each basket, including Geraniums, Petunias and Fuschias to brighten up the town. We’ve made a couple of changes this year to improve things. Firstly you will notice new baskets which are self-watering. These will enable us to make more efficient use of the water and our time to keep the baskets watered and looking their best throughout the summer.
Also, due to the current pandemic and many businesses being closed, we are placing the baskets in all of the same business premises as we did last year but this year we are doing it for free.
Next year we will return to our usual system of asking businesses if they would like a basket outside their premises for a small fee.

We hope you will enjoy the hanging baskets as much as we do over the coming months.

“It is really generous of the council to do this and such a hugely warm gesture. We are very appreciative of the lovely baskets that you produce each year together with the containers that you plant in the courtyard and in the Town. We will look forward to seeing them up soon.”
Sally Beazer, Wiltshire Registration Service