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Emerging corporate strategic plan 2018-22

We are working on our new  Corporate Strategic Plan for Chippenham Town Council 2018-2022. We would like to have your feedback on the work we do.


The draft plan is below, please have a read through of it and let us know what you think, do you have any questions, is there anything we have missed out?

You can download and fill in the feedback form at the bottom of the page and email it back to us, or you can contact us through Facebook, Twitter or on the phone 01249 446699.


(Draft) Corporate Strategic Plan

2018 – 2022


Priority 1
Provide facilities and services which support and develop a well-connected town, which promotes health and wellbeing

Continue to invest in and develop Stanley Park Sports Ground

Undertake a strategic needs based assessment of Stanley Park Sports Ground

Develop a community based sports and physical wellbeing activity plan

Ensure that all cycle routes within, or connecting the town are protected and enhanced by working with appropriate landowners and responsible authorities and support opportunities for new or enhanced cycle routes

Develop and maintain links with transport providers

Ensure that all play areas are safe and of a high standard

Ensure that all of our parks and open spaces are accessible to all

Ensure that Chippenham is well-connected by working collaboratively with the strategic highway authority

Secure external funding where possible to develop our existing offer with regard to sports and cultural facilities

Ensure that we maximise the potential presented by the River Avon within our town

Develop strategies to continue working with groups that are representative of the community to encourage health and wellbeing

Continue to offer a grant based donation scheme that promotes health, wellbeing and cultural development within the community



Priority 2
Take an active role in the future development of Chippenham through collaboration with partners and stakeholders

Determine the necessity to develop a Neighbourhood Plan, Parish Plan or Master Plan

Seek to ensure that the council is involved and influences the future planning decisions affecting the town

Play an active part in the development of the town in areas that are within our control

Pursue new partnership opportunities to enhance services and assets, supporting the development of the town and community

Encourage, promote and influence sustainable development within the town

Develop a strategy to allocate receipt of developer contribution to ensure infrastructure is developed and targeted appropriately


Priority 3
To maintain and enhance opportunities to create a green, clean and safe environment

Achieve local, regional and national recognition through recognised award schemes

Work with partners to consider possibilities for additional trees and future woodland areas in the town

Develop interpretation panels for all of our outdoor spaces

Develop an environmental policy and a sustainability strategy

Seek to extend and improve our green spaces and floral displays

Investigate the opportunity for renewable energies within our estate and vehicle fleet

Seek opportunities to work collaboratively to utilise the green spaces and river frontage within the town.

Maintain Purple Flag status through collaborative working with partners

Continue to provide a Town Centre CCTV service and seek to extend the provision.

Work with a range of partners to provide initiatives to ensure the town remains a safe place

Ensure the cleanliness of the town centre remains at a high standard by reviewing schedule priorities and investing in additional resources

Continue to invest in and develop our outside facilities

Reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling within our own operations


Priority 4
To promote Chippenham as a destination market town based on our rich heritage, history and culture

Work collaboratively to develop a culture and tourism strategy which recognises the unique heritage and character of the town

Continue to invest in and develop the town Museum and conserve our heritage stock

Develop a customer service strategy

Develop a volunteer strategy

Influence the preservation and repair of historic structures belonging to third parties where appropriate

Develop outreach and education programmes to support community arts and heritage

Encourage, deliver or commission a range of events for the benefit of the community

Secure external funding where possible to develop our existing offer with regard to our amenities, leisure and cultural facilities

Commission or directly deliver a comprehensive community events programme

Continue to develop the Neeld Community and Arts Centre as a hub for culture and arts with an attractive offer for the local community


Priority 5
Effective and efficient use of resources

Provide strong, clear and consistent leadership at Councillor and officer level

Ensure that we operate within legislation, regulation, ethical guidelines and best practice

Remain financially stable to deliver the council’s priorities

Manage our finances in line with agreed and legislative requirements

Invest in our staff and councillors, providing adequate training opportunities where appropriate

Take a council wide holistic approach to managing and mitigating risk

Develop a multi-channel communication strategy to remain a transparent organisation



Please let us have you feedback by Friday 6 October 2017, you can download the feedback form HERE

or you can email us, or call on 01249 446699.

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