Railings boost safety by river

16th May 2016 / News archive

Railings making a well-used riverside walk safer in Chippenham town centre have been installed.

We’ve put in the railings along a 70 metre stretch of the footpath from the Town Bridge to Wetherspoons pub as a barrier between the walkway and the River Avon.

Cllr Peter Hutton, chairman of our planning, environment and transport committee, said: “I’m delighted to see the town council investing in improving the safety of our town centre, particularly at night.

“The town centre is getting busier with more going on, more activities and events. Public safety is paramount so we are pleased to have completed this work on a well-used and busy footpath alongside the river.”

The stretch of the Avon is popular with anglers so a gate has been included that enables fishermen to continue to have access to the riverbank.

The picture show Cllr Peter Hutton (right) with Adrian Jones, our deputy chief executive.