From 1 June, Monkton Park has come under the control of Chippenham Town Council and since then has received the same high standards of care and maintenance as John Coles Park. Although it is a very different environment to John Coles Park as it is much more of an open space, there should be some noticeably improved standards within the first six months.
The grass will be cut more frequently with a greater emphasis on
keeping the park clean. Town Council staff will be in the park every
single day litter picking, emptying bins and checking for any issues.
The play area and multi-use games area (MUGA) have both already
received some maintenance which included the renewal of the safety
surfacing as well as the replacement of the worn broken swings and
the basket swing.
The bow top fence on the MUGA has been removed because it
gathered weeds and rubbish, the main fence has been repaired and
one of the broken basketball hoops has been replaced.
During the coming months, work will start on the replacement of the
litter bins, the park’s trees will be surveyed and the shrub beds will
be tidied up to the same standards seen across other areas the town
council is responsible for. Later in the year the river bank will also be
given some attention to improve the environment.

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