Punnets of bright red strawberries in cardboard containers, bright green leaves and stalks.

Chippenham Friday & Saturday Market

There has been a weekly market in Chippenham since King John first granted a charter to hold one in April 1205. Later King Edward extended the privilege in 1314 so that an additional market could be held on a Saturday.

These historic twice-weekly markets, now held on Friday and Saturday, which from June 1st came under the control of Chippenham Town Council.
The town council has employed a full-time Market and Compliance
Manager who will ensure the markets run smoothly and safely
and that traders and shoppers are happy.

Ideas for how the market can develop in the future will be considered, but for now the market will continue in its current form to ensure a smooth transition.

If you have any ideas on what you would like to be included in the market, how we could improve the market or if you are interested in having a stall, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us on 01249 446699 or send an email to enquiries@chippenham.gov.uk.

Ninjo Noodles

Based in Melkham, Ninjo Noodle Bar have been trading at Chippenham’s Charter Market for 3 years due to it having close roots to home and constantly proving to be busy, with many costumers returning each week.
Ninjo, who proudly advertise as vegan are devoted to being 100% plant based, serving freshly cooked, pan Asian food with an emphasis of being healthy. They even go the extra mile by using plant based and biodegradable cleaning products, the bags used to prepare the veggies are compostable and break down naturally and all food waste is sent to compost.
All of Ninjos veggies are freshly prepared from scratch in the prep kitchen in Melksham and use local suppliers in Bristol to provide Noodles and fresh produce, many of which are grown or made within the UK.
Ninjo started their business on a budget of £500 in 2012 with the original set up of small gazebo, table and homemade wok cooker fitting in the back of a Vauxhall cavalier! Since then they’ve been trading at several markets, parties and corporate events, which shows their popularity.

Most Popular dish:
Combination of noodles, soy sauce, mushrooms and cashews, with the recommendation of adding fresh garlic and ginger paste with Sesame for a flavour boost.

When ordering Ninjo are also able to provide options including gluten free noodles and soy sauce on request, on top of all the delicious extras including: mushrooms, toasted sesame seeds, cashew nuts and pineapple.

Ninjo trade on Fridays and Saturdays.

Hamiltons Fresh Fish

Devon based fish monger, Hamiltons Fresh Fish have traded most Fridays and Saturdays at Chippenhams Charter Market for 6 years. Chippenham was their first taste of a market with the motive of building the brand and business further afield from the coast line of Devon. Starting at Chippenham market has enabled Hamilton’s expand so, they now trade at four further markets in Wiltshire.
Based in Bovey Tracey, Devon, Hamiltons intention is to provide their customers with the best quality and sustainably sourced seafood as possible. They buy 85% of their produce at Brixham Fish market.
It is important to Hamiltons to offer great quality and freshness.
Most popular fish:
Just a selection of fish that are most popular with the costumers include Plaice, Hake, Cod and Mackerel which frequently sell out.
Highly recommended products include natural smoked Haddock, traditional smoked Salmon and smoked Mackerel all of which are smoked at Hamiltons own smokehouse.

Hamilton trade on Friday and Saturdays.

Catley Chilled Foods LTD:

One of our newest traders to Chippenham, Catleys Chilled Food Established 2008 are the latest cheese and fresh food stall to arrive at the market after having a cheese stall at Chippenham for over 20 years.
A thriving family run business, Catleys focus on giving excellent customer service ‘with a smile’ whilst providing fresh produce at an excellent rate.
Frome based company, Catleys trades at 35 outdoor markets in the South West every week providing their fresh foods and cheese, which includes: a variety of fresh pies and pastries, butter, eggs, pork pies and bacon just to name a few.

Catley trade on Fridays and Saturdays.

N.J Russell Butchers

N.J Russell Butchers, established 1965, are one of our longest standing market stalls as they have been to trading at Chippenham market for over 35 years. The customers that come to the butchers, often weekly have always made it worthwhile for N.J Russell butchers to return frequently for such a long period of time, as they love serving the people of Chippenham.
Based in Bristol, all the meat that Russells provide is farm fresh and locally sourced in and around Bristol itself allowing there to be high quality control of their products.
Most popular product that sells at our market is a variety of steak cuts including rump, sirloin and fillet, with their recommended product being sausages, which are award winning and homemade.

N.J Russells butchers trade Fridays and Saturdays.