Future development ideas for Chippenham

14th November 2018 / News archive

Future development ideas for Chippenham

With planning permission being granted for a number of urban housing extensions to Chippenham in the last couple of years, and the commencement of the Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan this year, 12 Councillors attended a research trip to Poundbury hosted at the Duchy of Cornwall offices.
This was an ideal opportunity for Councillors to see firsthand how a high quality, sustainable urban extension has been created at Poundbury, and how some of its successful principles could be translated on the ground where new development is being proposed in Chippenham.
Also attending and answering any questions were Ann Collins, Area Lead and Stephen Hill, Strategic Director from Dorset Council Partnerships as the Local Planning Authority
A presentation and a walking tour was given by Peter James, Project Manager for the Duchy of Cornwall. The Duchy is the owner and developer of the land at Poundbury.

Councillors learnt from theDuchy of Cornwall that there are three key principles to Poundburys’ success:
1. Reclaiming streets – no traffic signs, signals or road markings, making this a shared space and a pedestrian friendly neighbourhood.
2. Affordable housing – Geographically interspersed with market housing and represents a high figure of 35% of all housing at Poundbury
3. Mixed use development – businesses, housing and community infrastructure sit side by side

Peter James, developer at Poundbury, Duchy of Cornwall:
“Creating a community is really important, it’s not just about the buildings.”

Cllr. Sandie Webb, Leader of Chippenham Town Council said:
“Our visit to Poundbury was a thought provoking experience that showed the art of the possible when people work together”