Find out about Youth Council at Stanley Park

24th November 2017 / News archive


Youth Council at Stanley Park voice their ideas

(Left to right around the table, William Hempstock, Vice Chair), Jack Smith,  Scarlett Colman and Jessie Wills, Chair)


The Youth Council was organised to empower the users of the facility to have representation and a voice in the future development of Stanley Park Sports Ground.

Consisting of four members, all of which play for youth teams at Stanley Park, and has a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson meet in line with the Town Council’s Amenities, Culture and Leisure committee (ACL).
All members do their own research based on the ideas that they come up with to improve Stanley Park Sports Ground and present that research at the meetings. Each meeting has an agreed agenda and is minuted with notes distributed to all parties.

Any matters that arise from the Youth Council can be presented at the Stanley Park Working Party meeting and on further to the ACL committee meetings if required.

This has proved a great way of broadening understanding of the costs, workload and skills required to deliver projects which can be perceived initially as a brilliant idea.

The first meeting of the Youth Council was in November 2016 and since then their ideas and research have resulted in Porta Loo toilets hired for a trial period, spiked corner flags, numbers on shorts and sand/soil boxes placed around each field to enable coaches to fill in any rabbit holes they find on the pitches. All of these suggestions are now in place going into the new 2017/18 season.

Topics for future discussion include, the car park, a clubhouse and working with the new caterers to implement a healthy option menu for the users of Stanley Park Sports Ground.