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Finance and policies


Finance and Policies

Each year the council is required to complete and submit, to its External Auditor, an Annual Return. Once the Return has been approved by the Auditor, it is displayed on the councils noticeboard for a statutory period. The Annual Return can be inspected, on request, at the Town Hall.
The Annual Return for 2015 / 2016 below includes the Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statement.
Annual Return 2015 / 2016
Declaration of Status of Published Accounts
Local Audit and Accountability Inspection of Documents
Notice of Date of Commencement of Audit
Notice of Date of Conclusion of Audit

Planning Policies updated June 2016
CTC Planning Guidance
Pre-Application Protocol

In accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2014, this council publishes its expenditure that exceeds £500.
Expenditure Report Month 11
Bacs Run 030217  Bacs Run 100217  Bacs Run 170217
Expenditure Report Month 10
Bacs Run 060117    Bacs Run 110117   Bacs Run 200117  Bacs Run 270117
Expenditure Report Month 9
Bacs Run 021216    Bacs Run 091216    Bacs Run 161216   Bacs Run 231216  Bacs Run 301216
Expenditure Report Month 8
Bacs Run 041116    Bacs Run 111116   Bacs Run 181116   Bacs Run 251116
Expenditure Report Month 7
Bacs Run 071016    Bacs Run 141016    Bacs Run 211016   Bacs Run 281016
Expenditure Report Month 6
Bacs Run 020916  Bacs Run 090916   Bacs Run 160916   Bacs Run 230916   Bacs Run 300916

Chippenham Town Council regularly reviews its working practices to ensure it operates within a legal, moral and safe framework.
Its policies are reviewed and published in accordance with current legislation.

Strategic Plan 2013 – 2017
Principles of Good Practice
Freedom of Information Policy
Freedom of Information Scheme
Guidance for the recording of public Council meetings
Public Question Time Guidance Notes
Complaints Protocol  

Standing Orders adopted 290415

Fees & Charges

“The approved 2016/2017 fees and charges for all services offered by Chippenham Town Council are attached in the link below”
Fees & Charges – Room Hire
Fees & Charges – External Services

From 1 April 2017, the fees and charges will be as follows:

Fees and Charges –  Room Hire
Fees and Charges – External Services


In accordance with the Local Government Data Transparency Code 2014 (s34 and 38) Chippenham Town Council publishes information on the remuneration of its staff in its three senior tiers of organisation. It also publishes its staff structure.

Remuneration of Senior Staff at Chippenham Town Council
Organisation Chart

Councillors at Chippenham Town Council are entitled to receive a Parish Basic Allowance.  Payments made to councillors during the year 2015 to 2016 are listed in the attached report.

Councillor Allowances 2015 to 2016

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