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Discuss High Street closure at PET 26.1.17

If you would like to raise a question concerning the temporary trial road closure of the High Street on Fridays, come along to the Planning, Environment and Transport committee (PET) meeting on Thursday night in the Town Hall at 7pm. To see the agenda for the meeting please CLICK HERE

This committee comments on planning applications and is consulted on a range of issues including licensing, street naming, road closures and future development.

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Following an extensive public consultation exercise that formed part of an application to Wiltshire Council, Chippenham Town Council has been granted temporary permission to extend the road closure to 6.30am from Friday 13 January. The High Street currently closes to all vehicular traffic from 9.30am to 7.30pm.

The closure has been granted for a three month trial period and if successful the Town Council will seek to apply to Wiltshire Council to extend the road closure for a further period, possibly up to 2 years.

The primary reason for the temporary road closure is to assist with the safe setting-up of the town market. The High Street closes from 6.30am for the Saturday market and therefore the Town Council agreed that a consultation exercise and an application should be made to align the High Street pedestrianisation arrangements on a Friday, to that of a Saturday.

The temporary road closure will come into effect on Friday 13 January and will last for 3 months. All vehicles will be unable to access the High Street from 6.30am, with the exception of non-motorised cyclists who will be allowed to access the High Street between 6.30am and 9.30am.

Cllr Peter Hutton, chairman of the planning, environment and transport committee, said “The Town Council have been working in collaboration with a number of partners for some time to ensure the High Street is safe and welcoming for visitors. Our aim is to see the High Street as a traffic free zone during peak operating times and this trial closure will hopefully achieve this for shoppers, visitors and the market traders”.


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