Could you be an emergency warden?

26th April 2016 / News archive

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Would you like to step in and help your town in an emergency?

We’re looking to set up a team of volunteer wardens who would swing into action if Chippenham were hit by flooding or a civic or natural emergency.

Mayor David Powell said: “Floods can be devastating as we saw in our county only recently. We’re pleased to be supporting emergency planning to ensure Chippenham is fully prepared. This is a community minded town so we hope people will come forward to be wardens and help us ensure Chippenham is ready in case of an emergency.”

Wiltshire councillor Peter Hutton, the portfolio holder for emergency planning, said: “There has been a lot of work across Wiltshire following the extensive flooding two winters ago. We’ve run emergency planning workshops with our town and parish councils to ensure plans are in place to make sure we’re fully prepared.

“I’m delighted that, as a result of that work, the town council has taken delivery of a full flood emergency kit that is now housed at the Town Hall in Chippenham. Now we’re looking to recruit volunteer wardens from our community to work with us.”

If you have a few hours to spare and would be interested in becoming a Chippenham flood emergency warden we would be keen to hear from you. Call us on 01249 446699 or email

The  warden schemes help to bring the community together during difficult times. By working together with organisations including the Environment Agency, councils and the emergency services, the impact of disasters such as flooding can be reduced.

The wardens will work in the community year round to identify people who would need extra help if there should be an emergency and help plan the best way to respond.

If an emergency should happen they also spring into action in a crisis – knocking on doors, directing people to help and manning rest centres. Volunteers can put in as much time as they would like to contribute.