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Community donations

Last month the Community Donations sub committee met to discuss the the applications for this round of donations. We are pleased to confirm the following were awarded funds:

Chippenham Hospital Radio
Members received information from Jane Holman regarding the equipment that is required to keep the radio running and the annual running costs of the scheme. It was proposed to award Chippenham Hospital Radio £2,000.

Chippenham Twinning Association
Members heard from Ruzena Buchanan on the number of families that are involved in Twinning and the activities that they engage in, both when fundraising and when receiving their host families. It also discussed what the Association could do to
encourage new members and asked that the town council receive some of the publicity and credit when the language awards are made at the schools.
Members agreed to support the Chippenham Twinning Association with an award of £800.

Phoenix Amateur Dance Group
Members heard from Grace Thomas about the newly formed group, following the demise of That’s Entertainment. A show was planned for 4th May 2018 and membership for the group was increasing. Members were encouraged by an affordable dance group. They suggested that the group might like to search for a more affordable venue for rehearsals and that they might want to increase their publicity.
Members agreed to support the Phoenix Amateur Dance Group with an award of £800

Unity House
Members heard from Lisa Thomas about the gardening scheme for Unity House, that will involve residents, staff, local nurseries and some partnership work with Wiltshire Wildlife.
Members agreed to support Unity House with an award of £1,000.

You can read the minutes from the meeting HERE


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