Our Senior Management Team

The team provides strategic direction to the council and deals with key corporate issues and strategic service issues. It makes managerial decisions on how the council operates, applying policy that has already been agreed but it does not set new policy which is the role of elected councillors.

Mark Smith
Chief Executive

The Chief Executive of the Town Council is the council’s most senior officer and responsible for the council’s staff, working closely with the council leader and responsible for advising the council on strategy, policy and making recommendations to the council.  The Chief Executive is the designated Head of Paid Service under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 and Proper Officer under the Local Government Act 1972.

Adrian Jones
Deputy Chief Executive

Adrian supports the chief executive in the corporate and strategic leadership of the council. He is responsible for the management and performance of all council services, facilities and capital projects.





Charlotte Starkie
Head of Finance and Administration

Charlotte is responsible for the management of the council’s finances as the Responsible Financial Officer and for ensuring the smooth running of corporate governance and administration.

You can view the staff structure chart HERE