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Our committees

Our committees are our decision making bodies and are open to the public. There is a 30-minute public question time session at the start of the meeting when you can raise issues and ask questions. The public may attend meetings but not speak during the proceedings, apart from the question time session.

Strategy and Resources committee

The committee decides the council’s policies and strategy.

The committee members are:

Cllr Desna Allen (Chairman), Cllr Andy Phillips (Vice Chairman), Cllr Martin Coates, Cllr Sylvia Gibson, Cllr Peter Hutton, Cllr Mary Norton, Cllr David Powell, Cllr John Scragg, Cllr Sheila Veitch, Cllr Kenneth Brough, Cllr Terry Gibson and Cllr Sandie Webb .

Amenities, Culture and Leisure committee

The committee oversees the council’s projects and activities including Stanley Park sports ground, Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre, John Coles Park and London Road cemetery.

The committee members are:

Cllr Sylvia Gibson (Chairman), Cllr Bill Douglas (Vice Chairman), Cllr Martin Coates, Cllr Mary Fallon, Cllr Terry Gibson, Cllr Teresa Hutton, Cllr Mary Pile, Cllr Nina Phillips, Cllr David Powell, Cllr Melody Thompson, Cllr Sandie Webb and Cllr Sheila Veitch.

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Planning, Environment and Transport committee

This committee comments on planning applications and is consulted on a range of issues including licensing, street naming, road closures and future development.

The committee members are:

Cllr Peter Hutton (Chairman),  Cllr John Scragg (Vice Chairman), Cllr Kenneth Brough, Cllr Bill Douglas, Cllr Mary Fallon, Cllr Robert Giles, Cllr Rajvir Gill, Cllr Nick Murry, Cllr Desna Allen, Cllr Nina Phillips, Cllr John Scragg, Cllr Mark Packard and Cllr Andy Phillips.

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Civic Matters sub-committee

This committee is responsible for all Civic Matters for the Town including all activities for the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Macebearer, Deputy Macebearer and Town Crier. This committee selects the Civic Award recipients each year and presents awards to individuals and groups at Civic Sunday each year. Civic Events include – Mayors Investiture, Civic Sunday, Remembrance Sunday, Commonwealth Day and Twinning visits with our 2 twin towns Friedberg in Germany and La Fleche in France.

The committee members are:
Cllr Terry Gibson (Chairman), Cllr Desna Allen, Cllr Sylvia Gibson, Cllr Mary Norton and  Cllr Andy Phillips.

Community Donations sub-committee

This committee meets three times a year and awards donations to community groups and non-profit making organisations for work contributing to the wellbeing of the community. Please see guidance notes for meeting dates.

The committee members are:

Cllr Desna Allen (Chairman), Cllr Kenneth Brough, Cllr Robert Giles, Cllr Mary Norton, Cllr Andy Phillips, Cllr David Powell and Cllr Bill Douglas.

A copy of the criteria and application form can also be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Community Donations Application Form

Community Donations Criteria

Community Donations Guidance Notes

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