3% increase to Council Tax in Chippenham

19th January 2018 / News archive

Chippenham Town Council agree a 3% increase to the Council Tax

At the Full Council meeting last night, Chippenham Town Councillors supported an increase in line with inflation of 3% to Council Tax for 2018/2019.

This means for an average Band D household Council Tax will increase by £0.43p per month.

Cllr Mary Norton, Mayor of Chippenham said;
“The increase will help the Town Council deliver its Corporate Strategic Plan for the next 12 months, plan for the next four years and continue to improve the quality of town life.”

Cllr Sandie Webb, Leader of the Council said;
“Considerable work has been put in by officers and councillors since last September to arrive at what is consider to be a balanced and forward looking budget and precept in line with inflation. The year ahead is going to be busy, and I would welcome enquires from any resident of Chippenham who requires more information”.

Some of the key areas from the Corporate Strategic Plan are to continue investing in our services and facilities, promote health and well-being, pursue a Neighbourhood Plan, and develop a tourism strategy to promote Chippenham as a destination market town which is a clean, safe and green place to live, work and visit.

The budgeting process commenced in September 2017 and over the last 4 months all committees have discussed their budget requirements for 2018/19 as well as considering income opportunities and efficiencies. The total annual expenditure of the Council is approximately £2.8 million with approximately £600,000.00 in income from our services, the Council Tax funds the difference.

Considerable effort has been put into creating opportunities to generate additional income for the Council and growth areas include Stanley Park, ticket sales at the Neeld, grants at the Museum and a receipt of the Community Infrastructure Levy.